“Particular strain of British youth culture of the 1950s, adopting a look that combined Saville Row elegance with American-influenced street-hood style. The Teddyboy, or Ted, listened to rock ‘n’ roll music, smoked cigarettes, and generally posed as a tough.”

The “Teddy Boy”  was the first youth culture, it started after the end of the second World War.  These groups of kids started rejecting everything around them and making their own rules. With this first subculture a teenager could start caring about his look’s more than ever before.  They were influenced by American films, rock, and they  revisited the Dandy/ Edwardian period inspired clothes.

They were known to wear:6a9c7f25dedefcf72e140cd7ea36bcd2

  • Drape jakets
  • Dark shades
  • Velvet trim collars
  • High waist trousers
  • Coloured socks
  • High-necked loose collared white shirt
  • Narrow “slim jim”tie or a western bolo tie
  • Waistcoat
  • Heavy soled shoes


Teddy Boys & Girls (9)daba3c1905be369c6c713792c4e182f7Bob Corbett 17 of Liverpool wears a silver grey suit with black lapels and black piping and brown suede shoes. A slightly advanced version of an orthodox Teddy outfit June 1954219c38876f2beaa9d0720c9d2258eb17

Preferred hairstyles:88f55af04435cb9f1eec7ab0b3755c0e

  • long,  greased-up hair with a quiff at the front
  • the side combed back to form a duck’s arse
  • “Boston”(straight back and cut square across at the nape)



Music they listened to:

  • Jazz and skiffle music.
  • (From 1955) Rock and Roll


Bill Haley, Elvis Presley and Eddie Cochran.