“Skateboarding, or just skate or skateboard, is an extreme sport, totally different from the usual sports genre born in California in the ’60s.”

Jay Adams

In a way skateboarding was invented to allow surfers to practice their sport even in the absence of the sea. It is practiced with a special tool, the skateboard, which is made of a wooden board, a Canadian maple sandwich (famous for its resistance) provided with wheels mounted on precision bearings and articulated attacks (no trucks or carts) that allow to steer and which are adjustable according to the specialty and the athlete’s weight. The maple wood layers (usually seven) are cut, pressed and glued together in order to guarantee to the table (deck) of great strength and flexibility qualities.


The Skaters culture differently from others does not take inspiration directly from music.

April 17th, 1975\\Zephyr Skate Team

On this date there was one of the largest skateboarding competition’s since the 1960s. The competition lasted two days and while the main event was won by freestyle spinning skate legend Russ Howell a local skate team from Santa Monica, California, the Zephyr team, ushered in a new era of surfer style skateboarding during the competition that would have a lasting impact on skateboarding’s history.
This team included 12 skateborders including the legends Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Peggy Oki & Stacy Peralta. The team became known as the Z-Boys and would go on to become one of the most influential teams in skateboarding’s history.


“With the evolution of skateparks and ramp skating, the skateboard began to change.


Early skate tricks had consisted mainly of two-dimensional freestyle manoeuvres like riding on only two wheels (“wheelie” \ “manual”), spinning only on the back wheels (a “pivot”), high jumping over a bar and landing on the board again, also known as a “hippie jump”, long jumping from one board to another, or slalom. Another popular trick was the Bertlemann slide, named after Larry Bertelemann’s surfing manoeuvres.

In 1976, skateboarding was transformed by the invention of the ollie by Alan “Ollie” 7696e09b9c385a827bd1d8fbcef8aa75Gelfand. It remained largely a unique Florida trick until the summer of 1978, when Gelfand made his first visit to California. Gelfand and his revolutionary maneuvers caught the attention of the West Coast skaters and the media where it began to spread worldwide. The ollie was adapted to flat ground by Rodney Mullen in 1982. Mullen also invented the “Magic Flip,” which was later renamed the kickflip, as well as many other tricks including, the 360 kickflip, which is a 360 pop shove-it and a kickflip in the same motion. The flat ground ollie allowed skateboarders to perform tricks in mid-air without any more equipment than the skateboard itself, it has formed the basis of many street skating tricks. A recent development in the world of trick skating is the 1080, which was first ever landed by Tom Schaar in 2012.”


Skate shoes:
(early skateboarders generally rode barefoot, preferring direct foot-to-board contact)8a8d57e71587542d8cde63780521c375
  • Vans
  • Converse
  • Nike
  • DC Shoes
  • Globe
  • Adidas
  • Zoo York
  • World Industries
  • Etnies

When it comes to what to wear it is based on personal taste and what one feels comfortable being // skating in.